Do live streamer eat what they cook ?

Whether or not a live streamer eats what they cook during a cooking stream can vary from streamer to streamer.

  • Some streamers may choose to cook and eat their dishes during the stream, while others may prepare the dishes ahead of time and only show the cooking process on the stream.
  • Some cooking streamers may also choose to cook multiple dishes during the stream, and save some for later consumption and some to share with the audience.
  • Some streamers may also have a policy of not eating the dishes they prepare on stream, due to health and safety concerns, especially if they are preparing raw meat, as well as to keep the dishes fresh and presentable to the audience.
  • Additionally, some cooking streamers may have a separate stream where they eat and interact with their audience while enjoying the meal.

The decision of whether or not to eat the dishes they prepare on the stream is up to the individual streamer, and it’s not a requirement for a cooking stream to be successful. The main goal of the stream is to entertain and educate the audience about cooking and cuisine.

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